With a specific end goal to best advance your site, a SEO consultant in Singapore master ought to have the capacity to bring up what they have to change keeping in mind the end goal to meet Google’s essential necessities.


A title tag should just contain the primary catchy phrases and not a whole rundown of watchwords as this may bring about the site being boycotted by Google. The most extreme character breaking point ought to be set to 60 characters. Each page ought to have a one of a kind title tag.

       In order to fully optimize your website for SEO, both On-Page and Off-Page SEO elements will have to be taken into account.

       On-Page SEO involves optimizing SEO elements of your own website. Factors include optimized title and description, URL structure, internal links, fresh and original content.

       Off-page SEO involves optimization done outside of your website. Factors include backlinks, social media links etc. Links should be directing traffic back to your website, creating a positive reputation.

       Although both On-Page and Off-Page SEO are important, your SEO consultant’s first priority should be to optimize On-Page SEO elements before moving to Off-page SEO elements.

        Keeping in mind the end goal to completely enhance your site for SEO, both On-Page and Off-Page SEO components should be considered.

        On-Page SEO includes upgrading SEO components of your own site. Components incorporate advanced title and depiction, URL structure, inside connections, new and unique substance.

        Off-page SEO includes improvement done outside of your site. Variables incorporate backlinks, online networking joins and so on. Connections ought to coordinate activity back to your site, making a positive notoriety.

        Although both On-Page and Off-Page SEO are vital, your SEO expert’s first need ought to be to streamline On-Page SEO components before moving to Off-page SEO components.

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